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UCAS Support & References

As part of the tuition package (no extra charge):

I am happy to give employment/academic references as your tutor.


I also offer help with UCAS course searches, personal statements

and help improving the overall quality of your online application.


I specialise in supporting students looking to study:


Psychology and related subjects


I advise students to start preparing their applications in the summer

following the AS examinations. 

Please email for more details:

[email protected]


For students applying independently, I can also be your Academic Referee

and supply a reference at no extra cost, if you are having

regular lessons with me.

UCAS, the Structure of a personal statement in paragraphs:



Why you like your chosen subject/subject area…. What inspired you, which books you have read and been inspired by. Any subject related visits or experience (eg. job shadowing, work experience) and what are your career aspirations.



Your academic history to date… where / what you have studied, responsibilities (sport, choir, prefect etc) and academic/school challenges or successes in life to date.


Interests / Activities / Non-academic challenges met etc. Here include employment, sport, hobbies and state at the least that: “you have an active social life”.



Here state why you think YOU are suitable for higher education and ‘sell yourself’