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Recent Testimonials:

ZZ 's Mum (2019)

Thank you for every thing you've done for Z. You have helped Z regain his confidence and the chance to believe in himself. We both, will always be greatful

Jack (2018)

I have sent this to say that I appreciate everything you did for me in those tutoring sessions, mostly developing my confidence. I wasn't in the best frame of mind beforehand, but you did help me to shake this self-doubt concerning the psychology exam papers. I am happy to say that I got: B in Psychology


I feel as though it was probably my writing (speed and otherwise) and not my knowledge that most impacted my psychology grade. Regardless, I am very satisfied with my grade in psychology and results overall which enable me to go to my first-choice university to do a chemistry degree. Again, I simply cannot thank you enough for the help that you provided.

Amelia P (2018)

Just to let you know that I achieved a high C grade and got 2nd top grade of my class! :) really pleased with it, especially coming from the bottom of the class. Could not have done it without your help:) Overall very pleased. Thank you again:)

Thank you!

Charlotte B (2018)

Hi Andy, I got my place at Aberystwyth. Thank you for all your work. 😊

Emma M (2017) 5 Stars: Andy has helped me so much with my statistics and research methods module from my first-year psychology degree. Always has resources ready, always friendly but most importantly, will always explain concepts until you understand! Lots of patience, thank you Andy

Lily D (2017) Comment by Father: Andy knows his stuff and has engaged our daughter really positively. She`s a lot more comfortable and confident about psychology and looking forward to doing well.

Jessica M (2017) Online Australia Master’s Student: Andy, Thanks again for your help– Your detailed feedback has given me MASSIVE help.

Charlotte A (2017) Online Hong Kong, comment by mother: Thank you very much for tutoring her last year. I Thank you very much

Tom. H (2016) "I got ACC!"

Thank you so much for al your help! Definitely wouldn't have gotten the C in Psychology without you!
I got Into the university of Kent to do maths

Olivia F B. (2016) "I picked up my results today....I got into Christ Church!!!!" Thank you so much for all your help with my revision

Hannah G (2016) "Got a B overall and my first choice Uni place.... Thank you! Couldn't have done it without you....
Chloe S (2015) 3 x A* (A* for Psychology)... Thank you so much for all your help
Katherine J (2015) "Hi, I got an A in psychology! Thanks for all your help! I did well in the Research Methods paper, which was greatly due to you, so thanks! I got my first choice Uni: Reading to do a BSc in Psychological Research"

George  J (2015) "The exams went well thanks to you, I got my 'C' and secured my place at Twickenham. All the hard work paid off! Thanks for your help.

Saskia P (2015) Hello, I got an 'A' in Psychology and I am going to Kent to study Psychology, thank you so much for all your help.....

Harry B-S (2015) " I got A* - A - B, so I am happy! Got my place at Edinburgh, thanks for all your help and encouragement...

Testimonials: 2014 - 2010

Hannah (2014) Hello! Im going to Roehampton University in London! I got a B for psychology!!!! Unit 1 A, Unit 2 B, Unit 3 A and Unit 4 D?. All thanks to you Andy!! (NB. She had failed AS first time round)

Ben (2014) Yeah, got place at my top choice and a place at halls, Thank you J

Dom (2014) Hi, yeah I got into UWE so moving to Bristol in September

Matt (2014) Thank you would've never had a chance without the tutoring to be honest... Hope all?s well and I'll pop in and say hello

Naomi (2014) I got into Exeter university with 3 A's! Very happy, and really need to thank you for your support over the past few months/year!! I really would've lost the plot, without tuition, friends, family, and horses!! Xx

Sarah. C. (2014)

hey MR. MAC! how are you doing? i hope you're well :D just wanted to send you a quick message to inform you that this week i have learnt that you may be the BEST teacher ever. i have a module on my nutrition course here at uni called cognition and learning and pretty much everything that you taught us at a-level is still in my brain today! it's a miracle!! even some of the dates of studies!

just wanted to let you know, i really do hope you're doing well -  :) x

Adam (2013) on First Tutors website (5/5): (University Psychology) "I received excellent advice and help from Andy. Within just one tutor session, I was confident that I could manage my dissertation and get it completed to a good standard before the deadline :)"

Jack C (2013)

Thanks, I got a C and my university place... so I'm pleased with that, thanks for your help ;)

Lizzie M (2013)

'A'... Congratulations! Your place at The University of Nottingham N84 for Psychology C800 has been confirmed. woooooooooooooooooooooo yeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and andy u helped me get there! Thank you x

Hello Andy, I am Lizzie M's Mum and would like to say thank you to you for giving Lizzie the tuition and confidence for her to achieve an A in Psychology. We are so proud of her and delighted she got her much wanted place at Nottingham. 3A's and a B Woooooo!!!! Thank you once again, Sarah M


Antonia E G (2013)

 'C' in psychology as well as in my other two subjects! going to Hamburg, thanks a lot for your help i am so happy as C is what i aimed for;-)

 Jo-B-J (2013)

 'A' Big thanks andy, you made a massive difference and I'm very pleased! Xxx


 Amy's Mum (2013)

 "she thought the exam went really well.  She had a big smile on her face when I came home from work!

Thanks so much for all your help - really glad we found you.  If she carries on to A2 Psychology we will be in touch again.
Best wishes

Sian (2012)

"Thank you, I could not have done it without such a good tutor  :) lol x"


Uvini (2012)

 "I just wanted to thank you, I could never have got anything close to these grades if it wasn't for you. Thank you so much for everything..."



Leah (2012):

 "I could not have done it without your  advice. handed in my project, thanks so much for your help;)...."


Aarifah (2012):

 "Thanks for all your help and advice.... you do it so perfectly, I now understand it more.... :) ps. I hate neuroscience....."


 "Thankyou so much for all your help, I really really appreciate it. You are such a nice person, thank you so much... Aarifah x"



Chloe. T. (2011)

 "Hopefully be seeing you around- thanks for everything"

Louise (2011)

"There will never be another group quite like us!!!!"

Lynne B (2011)


"Thanks for everything had a great time learning psychology!"

Lizzi. C (2011)

 "Thankyou for everything and I'm sorry if I fail and let you down!" (she passed.... this was before results came out)


Dez Tang (August 2011)


 "Hahaha thank you so so so so much Andy, you have no idea what you did to raise my confidence and helping me along the way to getting that solid A! I will of course speak professionally and highly of you! Haha thanks again! Dez"


Nadia (August 2010)

"Can't believe you got me 2 A's in my summer exam with an overall B. Thanks again Andy. My parents wanted me to thank you on behalf of them too. X x x"