Psychology: amac education 

psychology tuition, school visits and resources


Teaching small groups (max six students) with remote video conferencing

Video conferencing platform: Skype (one laptop and whiteboard) or Skype Groups

 (requires an indiviual PC or iPad) 

GCSE or A-Level Psychology covered (all major examination boards)

Suitable to cover for teacher sickness or maternity leave etc and examination prep and


Cost is £40 an hour, maimum six students (this includes contact time and

 setting/marking/returning assignments)

If required, group or individual reports can be produced at a pre-agreed frequency 

(attendance and marks etc)

Sensible approach to lateness / non-attendance, but it will always be reported to the 

educational establishment and/or parent

The first session is free, to allow students to get used to the system and 'iron-out' any


DBS , Reference and Qualification Certificates supplied on request

For questions and booking enquiries: [email protected]


Andy McCarthy CPsychol