Psychology: amac education 

psychology tuition, school visits and resources

Teaching small groups with remote video conferencing

Maximum group size 6 students

Video conferencing platform: Skype Groups or Google Hangouts

GCSE or A-Level Psychology covered (all major examination boards)

Suitable to cover for teacher sickness or pregnancy leave etc and examination prep and


Can be timed to fit in with the school day if required

Cost: £10 an hour contact (teaching time) per student (eg. 6 x students = £60 an hour). 

Marking and return of asignments by email are included with the contact time charge

(eg. one full hour teaching + marking and return of asignments).

If required, group or individual reports can be produced at a pre-agreed frequency

Sensible approach to lateness / non-attendance, but it will always be reported to the 

educational establishment and/or parent

The first session is free, to allow students to get used to the system and 'iron-out' any


DBS , Reference and Qualification Certificates supplied on request

For questions and booking enquiries: [email protected]


Andy McCarthy CPsychol