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Online Tuition Services

A-Level and GCSE  Psychology and Degree Level

All examination boards

I offer online tuition via Skype or FaceTime, with the additional benefit of support via email, Dropbox ® and a supply of sae’s for returning hand written assignments.

£25 an hour for GCSE and A-Level.  £30 an hour Degree Level (first session is free) 

Students are able to make payments for online tuition by direct bank transfer or through Paypal if preferred.


For students/parents who are not used to online tuition, you will still be taught in real time, and will be able to see me, hear me and talk to me - the only difference is that I'll be on your computer screen.  The advantages of my specialist online service are:

  • No travelling time or travelling costs.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn during your free periods at school or college.
  • Have your weekly lesson even if you are away visiting or on holiday.
  • Learn with a highly qualified tutor even if you live in a remote or rural area - anywhere in the world!
  • My fees are very competitive (£25 /£30 an hour), especially if you live in London.
  • First session is always free (planning and requirements) and no obligation

If you are not sure whether online tuition would suit you, contact me and we will arrange a free initial meeting on Skype, where I can demonstrate how tutoring takes place.  

Please email me for booking and/or more information:

[email protected]

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Andy McCarthy CPsychol


Edited May 2017